Ambulance Express

Ready To Save Lives?

Hurry up, you are on a mission where you have to save the priceless life of a person who is in your Ambulance. In helping you, two-lane express has been provided to drive and extricate from traffics and obstacles. However, the challenge doesn’t get stood here, to reach on time use the jump button to avoid the collision with minor obstacles. But in case of heavy truck change the lane. Collect all the hearts on your way to get the bonus life. Although the three lives are provided on a single run.

Don't forget to collect the additional gifts to have special privileges in the game like collect the timer to add some more time in reaching your destination and magnets to collect all the hearts. Thus, the ambulance express game equipped with different challenge modes which will rouse you in playing for a long time. So Ready to take the challenge? If so then go and play Ambulance Express.

Ambulance Express Game Features:-

  • Endless Game with HD game fx
  • Unique background/colour graphics- changes along the different level
  • Magnet power to clasp the hearts automatically
  •  Slow the time with special in-game add-ons
  • Collect the +1 heart power to get the additional life
  • Challenge modes with speed increasing gameplay
Ambulance Express
Ambulance Express
Ambulance Express