Lion Kingdom

Lion Kingdom

Your Little Friend Lion is Waiting For You!!

Ready to have the experience of the endless running game right on your android. Your Little friend Lion Cub is in the trouble, he has to reach the destination where to be titled as “King of the jungle”. Besides the journey isn’t easy for your little friend a lot of obstacles is waiting in between that. In this endless runner game, a lot of energy required to drag out to the destination. So, enjoy and collects the orbs, fruits and bananas to increase your energy amount among your friend. Use your energy, to wisely sprint, jumping higher, crossing rocks and hiding from avalanche throughout the journey.

Despite your little lion friend is not alone in the journey, as his kingdom friends are there to help him out in guiding and helping out in the tour. Moreover, they will help him out in flying out or giving the power boost-to dash the failing rocks and undefended materials. Most important don’t ever let the kong baboon, to steal all your fruits and orbs.

Become the King of Jungle Kingdom and win all the missions with this all-new dynamic game the named-Lion Kingdom. Download Lion Kingdom game now and Enjoy the endless running adventure experience with the little lion.

         Lion Kingdom Game Features :-

  • Meet new various sort jungle creatures
  • Easy and single button swipe controls
  • Most entertaining and addictive game
  • High quality and pleasing graphics
  • An endless running game with all new levels and challenges
  • In Game store to buy or power up
  • Low memory  required
Lion Kingdom
Lion Kingdom
Lion Kingdom